So this is me, Douglas Kane Pouwhare (DKP), or one of the many iterations of me! just call me Doug. It has to be said that i have led a very colourful life, but a fruitful and largely happy one.  I am about to turn 53 and about to commence my 53rd diet!!!  it just seems that since I turned 40 life is just a battle of bulge.  it used to depress me but now i just see it as part of the life cycle.

I live in hamilton nz and work all over the country.  i am very well traveled and i love it! I am a stylish gentlemen who enjoys fashion and i love it.  I am a retired competitive ballroom dancer who now teaches and judges and i love it.  These three loves will largely make up the topics of my blogs, but in addition there will be some stories from my life that i think are worth sharing.

I don’t personally like the term ‘life hack’ but i will hopefully share with you some ‘life jewels’ as i prefer to think of them.  I hope you enjoy my blog and don’t forget to click on the contact page if you want to share anything with me.

Cheers Doug 🙂