So tomorrow is day one of my blog! I have actually been dieting for a week now, but unfortunately I do not have supportive or dedicated friends to assist me, they are feeders!!!
Feeders are the very worst kind of being. My girlfriend Vanessa is a classic feeder, says she’ll be supportive then before you know it she’s shoving a dumpling down your gob!
So…I am going to keep a tally of weight loss alongside the countdown to Blackpool. I desperately need to get to 10 kilos to look like last year (left)

Countdown to Backpool








Weight loss for Blackpool

One year ago
Two years ago

Unfortunately I was even slimmer the year before (right), but that would require a feat of ridiculocity…20kg!!! Still everyone needs their Everest! Naturally I am joined on this journey with my girlfriend Viktoria. That woman is an entire topic in herself, but let’s just start with day one of our journey lol.

So as you can see you’re only seeing the nice side’s of us. Needless to say we are not looking like that now, it’s what you’d call…aspirational? I’m excited to see how my journey plays out and to share with you all the wealth of ‘life jewels’. Hopefully you’ll all find some special little ‘takeaway’ to enjoy. Oh my god I am starving lol!!!! Tomorrow is a big day for our girl Viktoria, so I need to look my best…I’ll fill you all in tomorrow!! Anyway we both need to get some sleep, and for those of you who know me well, her hefferous hot body is pressed up to me as we speak!!!! I know what you’re thinking….HOW VERY DARE YOU!!